MSI Afterburner 3.0.0 Beta 18


Afterburner est un logiciel de monitoring et d’overclocking des cartes graphiques créé par MSI et compatible avec toutes les cartes. On peut y suivre l’évolution de la température, des fréquences, de la vitesse des ventilateurs, ou encore des FPS à l’affichage. Il est également possible de modifier les fréquences, les tensions et la vitesse de ventilation d’une carte.

Un tutoriel est disponible à cette adresse.

Une nouvelle version du logiciel MSI Afterburner vient d’arriver avec la 3.0.0 Beta 18.

MSI Afterburner

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Changelog :

  • Added low-level I2C access driver for AMD Bonaire, Curacao and Hawaii graphics processors. Low-level I2C access driver provides much faster access to I2C bus than ineffective native AMD ADL I2C access interface and addresses issues with GPU clock throttling when enabling voltage monitoring on AMD RADEON R9 290 series graphics cards
  • Improved AMD ADL access layer with Overdrive 6 support to provide compatibility with future AMD GPUs
  • Regular and SE versions of MSI Afterburner are now merged into single installer. Added voltage control mode selection option to the “Compatibility properties” section in “General” tab. Now you can toggle between reference design, standard MSI and extended MSI voltage control modes
  • Added “boost edition” / ”GHz edition” GPU type selection option for reference design AMD RADEON 7970 and AMD RADEON 7950 based graphics cards to “AMD compatibility properties” section in “General” tab
  • Added GPU usage averaging algorithm for Overdrive 6 capable AMD GPUs. Now displayed GPU usage is being averaged by sliding window to smooth GPU usage artifacts occurring due to bug in AMD ADL API on AMD Sea Islands GPU family
  • Added optional unified GPU usage monitoring path via D3DKMT performance counters. Power users may enable it via configuration file as a workaround to replace native vendor’s GPU usage monitoring if it is working improperly (e.g. broken GPU usage monitoring in AMD ADL API for AMD Sea Islands GPU family)
  • Added “Use dedicated encoder server” option to “Videocapture” tab
  • RivaTuner Statistics Server has been upgraded to version 6.0.0
  • Included MSI Gaming skins


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